Oxford Conference (March 2015): presentations and audio

Oxford, 21st-25th March 2015

Audio files from the conference sessions are available for download below (large files)

Download audio from Working Group 1 Download audio from Working Group 2 Download audio from Working Group 3 Download audio from Working Group 4 Download audio from Working Group 5 Download audio from Working Group 6

Selected presentations from the conference are available for download below.

Williamson: Early Modern Letters Online and Cultures of Knowledge

Van Miert: Introduction to the Republic of Letters


Oyvind Eide: Space from Text

Grover: Geoparsing Historical Documents


Ruth and Sebastian Ahnert: People and Networks

Gray-Jones: Representing Prosopographical Data for Problem Solving


van den Heuvel: Texts and Topics: Toward a VRE of a Virtual Republic of Letters

Jefferies: IIIF, Shared Canvas

Trausan-Matu: Natural Language Processing and Topic Modelling

van den Heuvel: CKCC and ePistolarium: Topic Modeling and Network Analysis

Czaika: From Digital to Print, from Print to Digital – What is in it for me (as a researcher)?


Boran: Documents and Collections


Staecker: Data Exchange and Strategic Planning

Popham: Generating large quantities of digital catalogue records

Van Hyning: Humanities research at the Zooniverse: How we deploy crowdsourcing in the humanities

Pobezin: Examples of web-mounted archives of printed and manuscript correspondence  (this is a Prezi and will open through Prezi.com)

Monok: Sharing Digital Metadata: A brief introduction to Open Access polities for metadata, images, documents, and full digital editions


Doerk: Shifting between Situated Perspectives on Data

Mantegari: Data visualisation and information design for humanistic inquiries

Min Chen: Four Levels of Visualization

Hotson: Visualization and Communication


The conference and Working Groups met at St Anne’s College, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HS. The Training School will take place at IT Services, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6NN. Trainees also attended the conference sessions.