Working Group 4 meeting: Cataloguing standards for manuscript letters.

On Friday 4 March 2016 a meeting of WG4’s sub-group on metadata of manuscript correspondence was held in Dr Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin.


manuscript letters cataloguing standards

The meeting was followed by a tour of the Edward Worth Library, given by Dr Elizabethanne Boran, Librarian of the Edward Worth Library.


Convened by Dr Elizabethanne Boran, Librarian of the Edward Worth Library, Dublin, and Leader of Work Group 4, the workshop included presentations by Dr Gerhard Müller (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin) on the Kalliope Union Catalogue; Dr. Ad Leerintveld (Koninklijke Bibliotheek) on CEN (Catalogus Epistularum Neerlandicarum); and Ms Miranda Lewis on EMLO (Early Modern Letters Online).


The function of the workshop was to agree metadata standards for the description of manuscript correspondence. International Cataloguing standards were circulated in advance of the meeting and agreement was reached on the vast majority of elements. It was agreed that further research needed to be undertaken on a small number of problematic elements and that these would be discussed at subsequent meetings of WG4. It was decided that WG4’s session at the Warsaw conference in 2016 would address the issue of how we define letters.